As we all know the working age ratio in India’s population is projected to increase from 64% in 2013 to 69% in 2040. Government is trying its maximum to tap the potential of demographic dividend by way of MAKE IN INDIA PROGRAMME whose idea is to convert labor force to industrial sector from agricultural sector as industrial sector has high potential to absorb many labor force.
With the growth of industrial sector comes the need for more regulation to industries and factories to increase the safety features. This creates the opportunity of job for people pursuing this course. By pursuing this course students can get not only jobs for livelihood and also more.
This is the only course apart from other top Government jobs gives a
a) Sense of commitment.
b) Sense of responsibility:- Being a safety officer one will have the responsibility of safety of all the employees in an organization.
c) Authority :- No other job in the private sector gives one so much authority compare to job of safety officer.
d) Adventure :- Apart from armed forces this is the only job, which gives the taste of adventure in life.

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We provide 1-2 Months internship to students at major industries and factories so that they get the idea of work in industries and also gears them up in technical skills and increases their professionalism.